Thursday, August 13, 2009

ecopower Hybrid Ventilator

POWER Ventilators from SVS - Edmonds: The only hybrid wind / power ventilator which consumes only 116 watts to discharge 4280 CMH of air, when on power. The Hybrid ventilator is generally used wherever there is a criticality in the shop floor environment. To elaborate, if temperature / humidity / any other parameter inside the work area is to be controlled ( say temperature below 36 degrees), the hybrid ventilator can be used by supplying power to it through a control panel controlled by sensors. When the temperature is below 36 degrees, the hybrid ventilator will run on wind i.e without power. If the temperature shoots beyond 36 degrees, the sensors will signal the control panel to supply power to the hybrid ventilator which will increase discharge by switching on to power. The beauty of this system is that it uses power only when needed and the highly energy efficient motor consumes only 260 watts to give a discharge of 10000 cmh. Variety of sensors are available in the market to sense temperature, humidity, individual gases, etc. This ventilator is installed on the same tried and tested lines as our popular Hurricane ventilators and hence leakage issues are non-existant. Also, NO ADDITIONAL STRUCTURAL SUPPORT is required to hold these ventilators on the roof sheets. Various size options are available

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