Thursday, August 13, 2009

Windy Plus Spherical Vane wind ventilator

SVS Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators is a unique product for factory ventilation which runs 365 days*24 hrs without consuming electricity. It is used to remove heat, smoke, fumes, odour, etc from inside closed sheds far more effectively & efficiently than other exhaust systems. We have got a number of installations and are receiving repeat orders as a testimony to their success. This is the only product available in India which protects the bearings from the harmful effects of fumes, oily smoke, heavy dust, soot, etc. Which cause bearing jam and thus ensuring a longer life for the product. Esteemed customers of this model include GENERAL MOTORS, GAIL, SAIL, BHEL, NRB , ITC, KIRLOSKAR OIL ENGINES, EICHER, RELIANCE, etcCompetitive Advantages of the productCompetitive Advantages of the product - Main features include : * Thicker and superior material construction * Integrated bearing housing to protect bearing from contamination thus increasing its life. * Unique Variable angle elbow to counter roof slope angle thus prevent leakage through vanes. * A vast list of very satisfied customers and a large bank of installation experience.

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